Trendsetters Only Magazine #004

    x Forever Lavi Launch Bali 2024

  • iThrive x Lavi Panel

    iThrive & Lavi talk about the alcaldes and whats to come for the Forever Lavi brand on a live panel.

  • Space Blue x Lavi Odesseyus Moon Landing 222 Artist

    Forever Lavi made history on February 22nd, 2024 when the Lunar Lander Odesseyus Landed on the moon, and attached to it was the Lunaprise Museum, with 222 art projects via https://spaceblue.club/

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Mariano Feliciano's journey as the Creative Director of Forever Lavi is marked by his unique ability to intertwine fashion with a deep narrative and artistic vision.


Le Lavi Jardin

Le Lavi Jardin

Le Lavi Jardin Summer'23 is packed with resort and swimwear from men...